Two 3dPE Threeple have art entries in the current Smogon Create-A-Pokemon project!

The brief is for an Electric/Poison type, with Storm Drain or Vital Spirit, and the concept is a Pokemon that dissuades fainting, or can leave an effect on the battle even after it faints. 

Golurkyourself's design is based on the Mongolian Death Worm, and the Polychaete family of bristleworms. More info here.

Moppnttef's design is based on the boxing/pom-pom crab, but has been (very closely!) knocked out of the competition. More info here.

Both artists have won previous CAP designs; Moppnttef with Mollux, and Golurkyourself more recently with Volkraken.

You can still vote for Golurkyourself! (Just find the latest Cap 19 Art Poll thread - #3 at time of writing.)

Yessssss!!!! I’ve been neglecting my CAP coverage lately…

The same Hebrew word that is used in Genesis 2:24 to describe how Adam felt about Eve (and how spouses are supposed to feel toward each other) is used in Ruth 1:14 to describe how Ruth felt about Naomi. Her feelings are celebrated, not condemned.

And throughout Christian history, Ruth’s vow to Naomi has been used to illustrate the nature of the marriage covenant. These words are often read at Christian wedding ceremonies and used in sermons to illustrate the ideal love that spouses should have for one another. The fact that these words were originally spoken by one woman to another tells us a lot about how God feels about same-gender relationships.

Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve

#in your bible #emphasizing your queers

Seriously: there’s no arguing with language. It will tell you what’s going on, if you just listen.

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what happens if u put a werewolf on the moon is a great question probably the best question ever asked

he’ll explode and die because there’s no oxygen on the moon

We never said we’d send him up without a suit you absolute monster



riots are breaking out in glasgow right now, scottish flags are being burned, people are making nazi salutes, there is racism and sectarianism and god knows what else, there are supposed stabbings, people are being beaten up purely for voting Yes, but the bbc has decided that a news story more worthy of being reported is the first iphone 6 owner dropping his new phone. the anti-scottish bias from the bbc is reaching new levels of absurdity

[not actually accurate]

I don’t want this to stop, I want you to know
I don’t want you to settle, I want you to grow
Forget everything that I showed you this summer
You’re too hard already, you’ll only get harder